Thanks, ACC.

In an earlier post, I referenced the “Reebok Rules” for in-house counsel. I had many requests for copies of this as evidently it isn’t available on the web.

Thanks to the great folks at the Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC), I am able to provide a copy here in PDF.

In the interest of full disclosure, I am on the board of ACC and Sun has been a long time member. It’s a great organization for in-house professionals.


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  1. From Buenos Aires…first, good idea to make your blog…second…about Reebok Rules…do you think that you can transportate all of this matters to latin american?…third: Answer if you can: What do you expect about the lawsuit between Firestar & JBoss Soft. Do you believe that the court´s decision can affect in some way the open source policies? Or How this lawsuit can affect the JAVA Technology? ( I Know that often the USPTO do not considerer the open source as a prior art?. What is Doing SUN about this?
    Thank you very much for your time, Best Gustavo.

  2. Thanks for getting reprint rights to the article. I couldn’t wait, so my lawyer friend found that the Reebok Rules were available up on Lexis/Nexis, too. Still, it’s nice seeing the version of the article that ACC has, too.

  3. Many thanks! The whole legal department at Bell Canada will benefit from them!!

  4. Hi Mike,

    Thanks a lot for blogging about the Rules and then posting the full article here (thanks to ACC).

    The article is such a great read that I blogged about it and excerpted parts of it for my readers. There are so much to learn even for those that are not in the legal profession.


  5. Hi Michael,
    Some great pointers in the ‘Reebok Rules’!
    I have a request for a post from you.
    It’d be great to see your perspective on the legal risks for business leaders and blogging! Do you advise senior managers within Sun as to postings which might put the company in hot water?
    There isn’t a lot of information out there on this subject. I’d be very interested to hear your perspective!
    Also, though possibly not directly connected with your remit, how might corporate blogging negatively affect share price? Are there areas that Sun simply wouldn’t post about?
    I’m particularly interested in these perspectives as my company is moving into corporate blogging services here in the UK. Until we’re clued up on legal and share price issues, I won’t feel confident to enter into significant dialogue with clients.
    It’s a great step you’ve made here. I will follow your writing with eager anticipation.
    Matt O’Neill

  6. Mark Kennedy

    Love pt number 9 in there- email is starting to become a real problem. Not only in terms of defeating face-to-face contact time, but the lazyness factor in dealing with an issue that need to be actioned by way of a more traditional “memo with a signature on it”.
    I work for a Government agency (in Australia) and see a lot of this- people are low-balling important issues by exchanging emails- there is that snap factor too (sending emails of regrettable tone) both internally and externally.
    Even though I’m only a law student, I’m finding that engaging in functions like the workplace safety comitees is an interesting excercise..

  7. Thanks for this! Great advice for all lawyers. I hope I’ve done my part to pass it on.

  8. Thanks for sharing. Even though it was written in 1993, it still reads quite fresh. And it’s good advice for more than lawyers.

  9. Agatha Chrustie

    Yes, thank you very much for posting the link to the Reebok Rules. I have not stopped thinking about them ever since I read the article. I agree with the post above about the overuse of email. I also like the point about hiring staff that are better than you – everyone wins in this scenario.
    I enjoy your blog very much and will return regularly.

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