It’s been a hectic few days. We announced earnings late last week and many in our group spent time packing as we moved offices. This week, the pace increased as we prepared for meetings of our Board of Directors and board committees (Audit, Corporate Governance and Compensation). And, tomorrow, we will hold our Annual Stockholder Meeting. Along with preparations for these corporate events, we have, of course, had to cover the normal business needing our support (which at Sun is never “normal”).

It’s easy to get caught up in this torrent of business and legal work, especially when it’s interesting and in collaboration with wonderful colleagues. But, every now and then something gives you reason to pause and provides perspective.

Today, in the midst of all these activities, I broke away from the office to attend the funeral of a member of our department who had worked for us for over 15 years. She died unexpectedly less than two weeks ago leaving a husband and teenage son. I can’t imagine their pain, but I know that our organization feels a deep loss. The amazing response to our request for donations for her son’s education is reflective as much of our desire to help him as it is the need to do something to ease our own sadness.

The funeral itself was beautiful – no, “joyous” is the more appropriate word. It was heartening to see so many current and former members of the Sun community in attendance. At one point, after a beautiful gospel hymn, the minister asked us all to stand. He then pointed at us and said: “If so many of you are here, I don’t know how any work is getting done at Sun today.” At that moment, it really didn’t matter.

Sandra, your beautiful smile and quiet grace will remain with us.


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4 responses to “Perspective

  1. Gary

    I don’t know who Sandra was but the compassion and love shown by so many employees…I have this image of most of Menlo Park attending the funeral …and that she worked for Sun for 15 years harks back to better times. Its good to see, be it all at a very, very sad time, such response. This was/is a unique company with unique values that have got watered down amongst the RIFFs, profit warnings. Its heartning to see we haven’t lost all our “special” culture. Thoughts with her family of course. She was one of us…..

  2. Esperanza

    You couldn’t have said it better. I also attend Sandra’s funeral and it was amazing. I will surely miss Sandra and her great outlook on life.

  3. Peter Pethoe of Santa Cruz

    Hello Mr.Dillon, Sun Micro Council.
    Read that you cycled New Zealand and stayed at youth hostels some time ago.
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    I’m talking about a 200 bed HI (formerly AYH) non-profit downtown San Jose or Santa Clara Hostel that would cater to well-educated international travelers, as well as domestic, families, school groups,scouts, convention and seminar attendees, athletes and teams, returning college students looking for housing, trainees from international companies such as yours.
    An unusual location such as a unused obsolete wafer fab facility would be great as a SV Hostel.
    You know the type of people that stay at hostels (that’s why we continue to volunteer) and promote the positive impact such a hostel would have.
    It would finally make San Jose a truly world class city and help revigorate downtown. Currently most hostelers travel along the Coast, staying at the lighthouse hostels, Santa Cruz, Monterey, SLO avoiding Silicon Valley because there’s no convienient hostel located there.
    With 8 million square feet of vacant buildings, shouldn’t be too difficult to get a building donated (just to get it off the tax rolls). With overnight fees the SV Hostel should be self-supporting in no time.
    A large Sun Microsystem sign on the building as prime sponsor would greatly enhance your image and be very cheap advertiising to a future upscale college population. Should be a great publicity opportunity for any international company. A lot cheaper than building stadiums.
    Please give me a call so we can further discuss this proposal. I’m in the Santa Cruz phone book!
    Peter Pethoe, Hostel Development Comm., Central Calif. Council of AYH,
    also volunteer and Pres. of Santa Cruz Hostel Society,
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  4. bazil van loggerenberg

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