IP Attorneys are Fun People

I was going to devote this blog to the recent U.S. Supreme Court hearing in KSR v. Teleflex, but Dennis Crouch has a provided a good overview along with links to the pleadings and hearing transcript. This is one of the most significant IP cases in recent years because the court will provide guidance on what is “obvious” for purposes of a claimed innovation. If something is obvious, it can’t be patented. If the court broadens the definition, it will lead to a higher number of patents – and likely an increase in litigation.

In reading the court transcript, you can see how the parties and the court wrestle with how properly to define “obvious” for purposes of U.S. Code: Title 35. To be candid, although the case is tremendously significant, it isn’t exactly scintillating reading. In fact, IP cases rarely are. As a result, IP attorneys have a reputation as being the humorless “geeks” of their profession.

But, in their defense, let me say that IP attorneys are some of the funniest people I know. Don’t believe me?

What about Claim 9 of this patent application. Or, how about the ability to rap the US patent code)? (And, if you’re part of Sun’s IP Legal team, you can dance to it as well!).


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3 responses to “IP Attorneys are Fun People

  1. Sin-Yaw Wang

    Most lawyers are pleasant. Many on your team, including yourself, have a great sense of humor. But the top honor clearly goes to engineers. How can anyone disagree after reading a soft porn in partial differentiation?

  2. But I’m not an IP attorney! I’m just a blogger.

  3. Kevin Hutchinson

    Talking of IP, any news about your case against Azul Systems? See http://www.theregister.co.uk/2006/05/04/sun_sues_azul/ They just released new Java hardware that competes against your CoolThreads servers.
    Also I see that you’re being sued regarding RPC IP. Any news about the merits of this case? As a Sun investor, I’m keen to get an idea about the progress of these and other IP cases.

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