The people you work with.

While preparing for an “All Hands” meeting of our legal team, people submitted interesting facts about themselves, including some of their previous “occupational diversions”:

1. “I set fire to a grain drying machine at a major cereal farm.”

2. “I have swum in the Antarctic.”

3. “While working at Legal Aid in rural Kentucky, I slung hash to make ends meet, sampled squirrel pot pie, and met Loretta Lynn.”

4. “I was a gold medalist in synchronized swimming at the Jr. Olympics.”

5. “I boxed at the University of Notre Dame.”

6. “I moonlight as the ‘Pilates Coach to the Stars’.”

7. “I lived on a commune when I was 17.”

8. “I have spent way too much time in the mosh pit.”

9. “I made an accidental model rocket attack on an occupied police car.”

10. “My cousins are Danny Devito and Rita Perlman.”

11. “My shoe purchases directly support both the US economy and the cross-border balance of trade with Canada.”

12. “I like to wear my Tigger costume to the office.”

13. “My dog will be a model for a dog wear maker’s autumn/spring collection.”

14. “I always carry Mjollnir with me.”

15. “I was an archery and bowling champion.”

16. “I sold Vanilla Swirl ice cream cones on O’Connel Street in Dublin during the summer.”

17. “I got lost once while piloting an aircraft in Africa.”

18. “My favorite dance is the conga.”

19. “My pet king snake escaped in the house and we can’t find him.”

20. “While in high school, I was employed as a Bullwinkle the Moose mascot for one hour.”

21. “I was a security guard in an obscure Museum called ‘The Society of the Cincinnati.'”

By the way, our CEO included one of his on the list. I’ll let you guess which one.


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4 responses to “The people you work with.

  1. Vinayagam K

    21. “I was a security guard in an obscure Museum called ‘The Society of the Cincinnati.'”
    Refer here

  2. Danny Devito and Rita Perlman are your cousins!!!
    Wow, thats cool… 🙂

  3. USD Law Student

    Mjollnir, classic.

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