Kiva Update

I’ve had a number of people who have asked me for an update on this. The answer is that it is turning out well. My oldest son recently had one of his microloans repaid in its entirety. With no proding from me, he reinvested by making two new loans to the proprietors of a general store and an auto repair shop – both located in Uzbekistan. Although her loans have not been fully repaid, my daughter lets the family know whenever a payment is made. The periodic email payment notices she receives serve as continuing reminders of the value of charitable giving (and, now, “lending”).


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2 responses to “Kiva Update

  1. Sheila

    Admirable. You are a good father.

  2. Mike,
    I have been trying to contact you regarding your “Mastadon” post but the e-mail address here keeps kicking back to me. Could you drop me a line when you get a minute?

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