Monetization of Music (continued)

I’ve previously written about the transition occurring in the music industry. There was a great illustration of this last week as seen in the juxtaposition of two news stories.

In a glimpse of the future, Radiohead announced that they are releasing their current album only through their website and without DRM. But the decision that surprised many in the industry is that the group is leaving it to their customers to establish the price they want to pay for the band’s latest release.

And, in a reflection of the past, the RIAA prevailed in a copyright infringement case against a woman in Minnesota accused of file sharing of music. Out of the thousands of individuals who have been sued by the RIAA, this was the first case to go to a jury.

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  1. Greg

    Great post on the Radiohead purchase plan. It’s definitely a sign of how even artists are hungry for a huge change in the industry’s unsustainable model.

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