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Starting the year on a high note

…thanks to the Higher Keys.

Our legal and compliance team was fortunate to begin the New Year with a visit from the Higher Keys, an a cappella group consisting of eighteen amazingly gifted students from Brown University. While the break area of the Sun Microsystems Legal Department may not be the preferred venue for most of their performances, I doubt they have had a more appreciative audience.

I’m sorry those of you outside the Bay Area could not join us for the performance. But, here’s a chance to enjoy it by video.

You’re likely wondering how we managed to get such a group of accomplished entertainers to perform for us. Let’s just say it helps when one of them has a very proud father who works in the Sun Legal Department.

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A Holiday Gift

I’m sure many of you spent the month of December looking for something significant for that special GC in your life. Well, you can forget about the wine, chocolate and fruit baskets. Last week, the justices of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit provided the perfect gift for GCs of companies facing increased litigation with patent trolls. It came in the form of a decision in the case of In Re TS Tech USA. (A PDF of the ruling is here.) This decision increases the likelihood that courts will grant requests for a change in venue in well known “plaintiff friendly” jurisdictions.

It’s a nice way to begin the year. Although, on reflection, a good bottle of wine is always appreciated.


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