Thanks for all the…support?

I told a few family and friends about the ride and asked if anyone wanted to join me. It was heartening to hear the outpouring of confidence and support.

‘The question is whether I’d plan to join you at the beginning (since you might be eaten by wild dogs on the trip) or much later on (since you might have been eaten by wild dogs early in the trip). Decisions, decisions.”

“Are you carrying a gun? Taser? Pepper spray?”


– “Is it true you’re being sponsored by Hooters and have to visit each one?”

– “What’s the over/under bet right now… on total miles before

– giving up

– crashing

– wondering what the #%@ you think you’re doing?”

Thank you all. Your concern is touching.


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5 responses to “Thanks for all the…support?

  1. Wow, your family and friends are so … supportive? 🙂

    For some reason, may be to show my “supportive” side, I keep thinking of Forest Gump running across America several times and the crowd that follows him around.

    Good luck and have fun Mike. Have you picked a start date yet?

  2. Michelle Finneran Dennedy

    AWESOME!!!! Ride Mike Ride!!! I’d join you in a second if I hadn’t tripped back into Big Co again. GO FOR IT!!!!

  3. Reah

    Loved the picture. Keep up the good work. We have a Chik-fil-a here in Tucson and iit’s definitely my favorite fast food place.

    I was wondering if you were camping out totally and today’s Blog let me know the answer to that.

  4. shannon

    you didn’t ask me….you could use a birder

  5. Travis Gottschutzke

    i just learned about your ride today via twitter…it has made my day!…look forward to “riding with you” each day 🙂 take care

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