Day 3: Tallahassee, Florida

Elevation gained: 2,013/Miles: 77/Total Miles: 206

You’ve just got to like a town with attitude.

I rode the entire day listening to “the Pavarrotti of the Plains”. (Warning: don’t try this without professional help. At least start with Willie, Merle and Randy and then work your way up to it.) The beautiful weather and the tempo of the rolling hills were a perfect match for Mr. Walser and his famous yodel.

About an hour into the ride, I caught up with a rider who I had met at the campground the previous evening. Don splits his time working in both Alaska and Antarctica! He is doing roughly the same route as I am, but after I saw the weight he is pulling, I resolved not to complain that my gear is too heavy. Don and I exchanged numbers and are going to stay in touch with the hope that we can connect later in the ride.

One thing I know I am going to enjoy on this trip is the ability to pull over at every historical roadside marker, monument and park. If you would ask my children, I think they would agree that (in their eyes at least) this is my major failing as a father. I drive them to fits stopping at historical sites on long driving vacations. Today, I took a side road to the Letchworth-Love Mounds Archeological State Park. I had the entire place to myself and spent an hour exploring the remains of the structures created by the Weedon Island natives more than a 1,100 years ago. Good news kids – I took lots of photos!

In the interest of time, I took a detour from the ACA map and rode into Tallahassee directly on Hwy 90. It was great ride until I arrived in the city. Road construction, non-exist shoulders, the lack of bike paths and an abundance of traffic, all took the edge off of what had been an otherwise sublime day of riding.

Thus far, everything is going well. The only exception is that as the result of riding in wet shorts, the chafing has started to cause a bit of a problem. If you saw me from behind, you might mistake me for papio ursinus.


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4 responses to “Day 3: Tallahassee, Florida

  1. Polish Super Hero

    Yes, it is I again…
    Using big words makes my head hurt. I’ll try to keep this simple. Your kids will later love that you stopped at every historical marker…they will do the same to their kids because you did it for them…and because of that, they too will use big words.

    I think I like the idea of a trailer behind the bike. did you consider this? It seems more aerodynamic and more efficient while carrying more weight…but I guess you can accomplish this by stopping at every Chick-fil-a along the route!

    Go in Peace the love and serve the bike,

  2. Craig Norris

    Letchworth Love Mounds? Wasn’t she an English porn star in the Victorian era?

  3. shannon

    papio ursinus- if you run into any hawaiian riders you can tell them a sore okole

  4. Cousin Deb

    You sure are ambitious, Mike. You need to dry your shorts out and save you a…!!

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