Day 7: Gulf Coast, Alabama

Elevation gained: 703/Miles: 83/Total Miles: 482

Entering Alabama – queue up Lynyrd!

Today began with a 6am wake up call courtesy of the family next door who by the sound of it were instructing one another in the art of Greco-Roman wrestling. To make matters worse, I stumbled into the bathroom and mistakenly applied a copious amount of Desitin to my toothbrush and brushed vigorously until my cerebral cortex awoke and signaled that something wasn’t quite right. When you start morning in this fashion, you know the rest of the day is nothing but upside. And, it was.

But first, on the subject of Desitin, I’ve been using a ton of it lately. I’m thinking of purchasing a gallon tub and mounting it on my rack. For the uninitiated, most bicyclists use a lubricant known affectionately as “ Butt Butter” to decrease friction in your riding shorts. Unfortunately, I used up all of mine and haven’t found a bike shop that carries any; thus, my reliance on that old standby “Desitin”. As an added benefit, the Desitin aroma allows me to get “special” seating in restaurants.

Today was beautiful. Still cold (high 40s), but manageable. I rode for an hour before stopping for breakfast at The Waffle House. These are ubiquitous throughout the south, but you can get a decent breakfast for $5 to $10. Sufficiently fueled, I continued west and over the bridge and into Pensacola.

I liked Pensacola. It had a small, but interesting downtown and best of all; I arrived just as they were setting up for the Florida State BBQ competition. The streets were lined with high-end mobile homes and trucks towing various types of BBQ grilling apparatus. The smell of hickory smoke and grilling beef and chicken permeated everything around. It was the perfect excuse for lunch and a relaxing snooze in the sun.

In today’s Road Kill Report – a beaver. Really, a beaver. I even doubled back to check.

While in Pensacola, I read an email from my father in-law indicating that family friends were vacationing in Gulf Shores, Alabama. It turns out they are right on my route. So, I gladly accepted their invitation of dinner and a warm bed.


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4 responses to “Day 7: Gulf Coast, Alabama

  1. shannon

    when i told munro about the beaver she said oooooh & then “well i am not surprised-has he seen an alligator yet?”

    my comment absolutely MUST be about butt butter. of course i will never mention this term to jim. might i recommend aquafor, it is easy to find, no odor and a great barrier, or A&D, what i used for my kids, who BTW never got any rashes while in diapers….

  2. Polish Super Hero

    Butt Butter and Beaver all in the same day…Nice.

  3. Jeff Carr

    When you get to Louisiana (not too far away now), you’ve got to find yourself some “Bubba’s Butt Paste” — yes, that is in fact its name and I hear it’s even better than Desitin. It was invented by a local pharmacist for diaper rash and the local’s swear by it. Bubba’s made a ton of money peddling his butt paste.

  4. Esperanza

    I just found about your adventure and started reading your blog… So far this is my favorite entry.. Butt Paste & a Beaver.. Classic.. Stay Safe!

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