Day 9: Soul Marketing

No mileage today. I spent the day sleeping, trying to recover from this cold. I felt better in the afternoon and went out for a walk. I asked a woman for directions to the downtown area or any other places to see. Her response? “Honey, there isn’t anything in this town.” Additional incentive for me to get better and get going. I hope to make it to Vancleave or Perkinston tomorrow. I suspect WiFi access will be lacking in the days ahead.

One of the most striking things over the last week has been the CPM (churches per mile). It’s astounding. In one two mile stretch of Florida, I counted 7 churches. And, in a town I rode through with less than 900 citizens, a sign identified 11 churches. Each has it’s own approach to attracting patrons.


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11 responses to “Day 9: Soul Marketing

  1. Scott Dillon

    Cous, feel better. Lisa, Tyler and I are super proud of you and are enjoying your posts each day.


  2. Polish Super Hero

    I decided to Yahoo map your route from Bayou La Batre to Perkinston…according the YM’s it’s 75.13 miles and should take you 1 hour and 20 minutes. Sounds like a nice light day!
    Ride Safe,

  3. shannon

    sorry you are feeling crappy….no fun at all.

    btw, wait until you go through east texas….munro & i would drive through a town of 145 and there would be 3 churches………

    rest & enjoy yourself.

  4. Doug Dillon

    Hope you feel better, listen to your body. With all the churches, you may want to stop and attend a services. Let them know like the Blues Brothers did,”I’m on a mission from God”. Then get the hell out of Alabama!

  5. lili dillon

    Mike after reading Doug’s words of wisdom what can I add. Hope you are feeling better, if not visit the churches. Lili

  6. Gary Kissiah

    Mike: Have you considered the notion that God gave you the cold because he wants you to spend some time in the churches?

  7. Pat Dillon

    I have enjoyed following your adventure on your blog. Sorry to hear that you picked up a cold. I am sure you are second guessing why you didn’t start your journey in the midwest where the weather is much nicer. Be safe. Pat

  8. Greg

    Man up!!! Armstrong had a cold on TDF5

  9. Lee Emery

    Mike: I grew up in Tulsa in the 70s, and we had a population of 500,000 with 500 Southern Baptist churches. Add churches for American, General, Landmark, National, North American, Northern, Hard Shell and United Baptists, as well as all the other denominations (Methodists, Prebyterians, Catholics, ad infinitum) and we probably had once church for every 500 persons or less! My theory for so many churchs is found in Matthew 28:19-20. I think some folks have really taken this to heart. Jeff Carr is a friend, and I’m rooting for you!

  10. David Stabler

    Mr. Dillon,

    Hope you are on the mend. Nothing sucks quite as bad as being sick on the road and man are you ever on the road–hope the sick never gets a good hold.

    What an adventure you have dreamed. You have created your own Olympics–Citius! Altius! Fortius!–and your own American Journey. If you like John Williams, have a listen to the Call of the Champions.

    I followed your blog and many others at Sun and found this one via openjonathan just this weekend. I work for an ISV that standardized most of our installs on Sun many years ago so consider myself a Sun veteran. All the best to you on your cross country trek.

    I was born and raised in Monroeville AL (approximately 90 miles north of Gulf Shores–the Redneck Riviera); home of Nelle Harper Lee, author of “To Kill a Mockingbird” and part time home of Truman Capote.

    So I have read your first nine posts with great interest of your take on life in the deep South having left Alabama for Seattle almost 15 years ago.

    One of your followers in a comment mentioned the FloraBama Lounge–one of the last great roadhouses–it is truly half in Florida and half in Alabama. Based on one of the photos you cycled right past it in Perdido Key on your way to Gulf Shores–it was on your left at the AL/FL line–the Welcome to Alabama the Beautiful sign was on your right.

    I was with you on the Dauphin Island Ferry (in spirit) having made that journey many times. Laughed at the queing of Skynard when you reached Alabama–hope you also have some Jimmy Buffett to get you across the Gulf Coast states. And sure understand being in Tide Country–Bryant is a legend and SEC football is bigger than life in the South.

    New vernacular with CPM–never quite thought about it that way and got a good laugh with the “Church House” billboards. Having sweet tea envy right now as it is almost 4:30PM PST and a tall icy glass with a big piece of lemon would be quite refreshing. Seattle has had a very mild winter but having a brush of it today with snow flurries in the Sound.

    Not sure of your exact path back to the left coast, but here is a thought–the Natchez Trace (runs from Natchez MS to Nashville TN) is beautiful this time of year–might be too far out of your way for just a few miles of the Parkway though.

    Hopefully the azaleas are starting to bloom. They are magnificent when in full bloom. It might be a little early yet.
    The gray moss you mentioned is Spanish Moss and you will see quite a bit as you continue across MS and LA, especially in the Live Oak trees you mentioned.

    As you navigate across MS and LA, the swamps can come right up to the roadways and the gators have no compunction about crossing major highways or smaller state or county roads–please be careful if riding during gloaming or before first light.

    It will be interesting to follow you back to Sunny SoCal–across MS, LA, TX, NM and AZ if you continue on your southern route. I wish you all the best and if unusual commentary helps pass some of the downtime, will do my best to keep it interesting.

    Here’s to Dillon’s American Journey, sweet tea and pneumatic rubber tires.

  11. Terry Schmid


    My room at the Regency Hotel on Park Avenue in Manhattan is much bigger than I expected.


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