Day 11 – Gulfport, Mississippi

I checked in at the hotel last night and felt awful. It was bad enough that I called my Dr. (thanks Cindy), who set me up with antibiotics and grounded me for the day. I would have argued with her, but the 14 hours of sleep I had last night suggests that she knows what she is doing. Also, a large storm is hitting the Gulf Coast and it would have been miserable slogging today.

I really hope I can get riding again tomorrow.


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19 responses to “Day 11 – Gulfport, Mississippi

  1. Polish Super Hero

    I know you think I’m kidding but I’m not…I’m also not a doctor but I really think you would be well served by three (3) shot of Patron Silver. One right after the other and then a little nap. You will awake renewed and feeling much. Better. I swear by it.
    Hope you’re feeling better soon.
    Be at peace

  2. Matt Marquis

    Hey Mike,

    Really enjoying the venture from my desk…

    My favorite has to be the roadkill reports. During my SF to LA rides, I’m known for collecting information on dead snakes along the way. Last trip: 11 serpants (including 2 Pacific and 1 Western Diamond Back rattlers).

    As I noticed that I was increasingly alone during lunch breaks, one friend pleaded with me to stop the forensic herpetological updates. Oh well, who needs the company of snake-haters?

    BTW, you are in water mocossin country.

    Ride safe[ly] and feel better!

  3. don conant

    Conserve, conserve, conserve! Take care of yourself. From someone who is in the midst of letting my chopped up bod rebuild itself, please take a day now and then when you are feeling poorly to R&R.

    Also loved your comments about your dad – and about missing one’s family. I think I remember your saying he was a military pilot (navy carrier??). The apple didn’t fall far from the tree . . .

    Hope your having a great day of rest or light riding, and that you find something not completely deep fried to go with your sweet tea IV drip. I’ve got to go back to your message about hardware and start thinking seriously about (a) riding my bike, and (b) equipment and logistics.


  4. pedro

    one of my favorite all-time books…Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. I’m going to read it again this Spring after 35 years.

  5. Gary Kissiah

    I hope you recover quickly and get back on the road again, as Willie Nelson would say. Zinc and those super concentrated vitamin C packets work for me! Would be very interested in knowing what books you have brought along the trip for inspiration.

  6. Ray & Marilyn

    Hi Mike,

    Listen to your doctor. We are a little bit older, but the “bug” zapped us for over a week! Lot’s of liquids and chicken soup!

    Ray recommends an RV with a driver, tow the bike and jump on for a picture. No one will ever know:)

    Watch the radar, looks like a lot of rain ahead.

    Take care.
    Ray and Marilyn

  7. Mike I don’t know you (I ride with your neighbor Helene w/ the LGBiker Babes), but I wish you god speed to health. You are doing that coast to coast trip I have always wanted to do (well, I pine for the Oregon to Massachusetts version), and hope you are back on your wheels shortly. We’re routing for you back here. take care, Lydia

  8. Russ Hemati

    Rest up, Mike. I’ve enjoyed reading your reflections.

    Get well soon!

  9. You take care Mike. Get well and rest first before you ride on.

    Wishing you a speedy recovery.

  10. John Dillon

    MIke, that was a great birthday present! Spoke to Uncle Dick and he said that he is on his second set of worry beads. Thus far as usual you have not listened to a thing I have said re this trip. So please take it easy, and listen to your body. When I used to run marathons our credo was to start out slow and reduce speed. Your exploits will not turned my hair silver, your mother has done a fine job of that, but, may cause the loss of what few hairs I have left. Loved the biking shirt with your dog Lucy’s on in and wearing no less than a biking hemet. Pop

  11. U. Dick

    I just purchased my third set of “Worry Beads”, my finger’s have huge blisters.
    Hope your feeling better, just take it easy till your 100% again.

    U. Dick

  12. David Stabler


    Hope you are on the mend and the weather turns fair.

    I too enjoyed your comments about your Dad and family.

    The Waffle House (Good Food Fast–and Friendly)–the world’s leading server of REAL hashbrowns:
    Scattered on the grill AND…
    CHUNKED–Hickory Smoked HAM
    TOPPED–Bert’s CHILI™
    keeps cropping up. Hope you have taken a counter seat to watch the food prep and enjoy the ordering process.

    The Mississippi River is coming up soon–will be interesting to know where you cross.

    Also, a literary recommendation while in LA–A Confederancy of Dunces by John Kennedy O’Toole was published 11 years after his suicide. He was posthumously awarded a Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in this classic depiction of life in New Orleans with some very unusual characters.

    Enjoy your ride through Cajun Country and some French Creole cuisine.

    You might be headed for the northern most portion of the Atchfalaya Basin (the largest swamp in the US)–get a local to pronounce it. It is filled with bayous, bald cypress swamps and marshes and lots of Spanish Moss.

    Hope your tires and tubes are doin’ fine and the air ain’t showin’ through.

  13. ILoveTheCoast....

    Make sure you take US 90 thru Waveland…..

  14. Siong Koon

    Hi Mike,
    Just read from Jonathan ‘s blog about this great adventure that you have commenced (or something about your need to cycle round the US to clear your head!).
    Seriously, please do take good care of your health and take good rest at appropriate stops (or you can try Chinese herbs with snake soup (or replace latter with ginseng) for that extra energy and expedient recovery 😉
    Your proposed route interests me but will prefer to drive, not ride.

  15. asphalt_juheesus


    Take a few days off. You don’t really comprehend the physical consequences of leading a work-a-day life and then riding many hours every day, for days on end without a break. That’s how/why you got sick.

    The *likely* consequences of getting back on the bike in less than three days include.
    -probable infection (sinus, lung, other weird places)
    -probable *meaningful* performance decline. Those kilometers will be miserable for at least a week.
    -probable long-term dehydration, sudden weight loss, and complications resulting from those effects.

    Antibiotics are not a silver bullet.

    Or, you can ignore experienced advice and needlessly suffer for most of the ride. You choose.

    How many miles did you have on your Brooks saddle before starting the ride?

  16. Blaine Jensen


    Just came across this. Very interesting to say the least.

    Will follow your progress, all the best.


  17. Hey Mike,

    Actually caught wind that you’re doing this, and thought I’d rush over and show support. What a great ride. I would like to do that one day as well, and you’ll be an inspiration to that ride. I wish you all the success.


    ps. We crossed path about 10 years ago at ONI Systems.

  18. karp

    mike, Best part of the blog is your self pics riding the bike. I can just imagine you setting the camera up on a railpost, clicking the timer button and then running (or rather limping) like mad to hop on your bike to get an action shot.
    Sorry to hear you are under the weather, but listen to everyone’s! You are in no hurry, if it takes you a month longer so be it….are you really that anxious to get behind the desk again??
    Hey I just noticed that google has a new biking route on their map search page, not sure if you had seen this, but it may help you do some re-routes.
    take care and stay safe

  19. shannon

    i am with the shots of patron & the snake count guy here…. of course you know I love cindy.

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