Day 20: Cold Springs, Texas

Elevation gained: 822 ft/Miles: 69/Total Miles: 964/Total Fast Food: 10

A fitful night of sleeping last night. Between the freeway traffic and the karaoke bar next door, it was a challenge to get any sack time. It took me until 10am to get things dried out, packed and to say farewell to the other riders. I rode into Silsbee and stopped at McDonalds for breakfast, a cup of coffee and to plan the day’s ride.

The route today wound through small towns like Kountze, Honey Island, Thicket, Votaw, Rye, Romayor, Dolen, Shepard and Coldspring. (By the way, it reads better if you have Johnny Cash’s song “I’ve Been Everywhere” running through your mind.)

For long sections of the ride, I had the road entirely to myself. I rode down the middle white line for five miles just for the fun of it and because I could hear the logging trucks and other vehicles miles before they came into view. It was the first day in the last 20 in which I did not see Mardi Gras beads on the road. The landscape was dotted with small circular mud rings built by “mud bugs” a relative of the crayfish.

The conditions were beautiful for riding – minimal winds, smooth pavement and a sunny day. But, I felt exhausted by the time I pulled into the campground this evening. After almost 1,000 miles of riding, the body is taking a beating. A few more days until I get to Austin and then I’ll take some time off to relax.

Don wheeled into the campsite about 90 minutes after I did. Cheese, crackers, soup and beer for dinner. And, no karaoke next door. Should be a nice night.


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3 responses to “Day 20: Cold Springs, Texas

  1. U. Dick

    Suggestion you get a box of Sunrise Cheez-It Crackers, you combine cheese and cracker into one easy to handle treat.
    They go great with beer. I carried a box all over Ireland last year.

    Austin is just ahead, keep peddle.

    Big hug,
    U. Dick

  2. Pat

    Be careful of Dad’s suggestions. He carried a whole suitcase of snacks/treats all over Ireland. You would need a little trailer for that cargo. Glad to hear the weather is getting better. Austin should be a fun stop. Be safe. Pat

  3. Polish Super Hero

    Karaoke and Honey Island…enough said.

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