Day 22: Navasota, Texas

So much for the first day of spring. I awoke to grey skies and rode across the street for a cup of coffee. As I sat talking to a local rancher (who had an extensive knowledge of Texas wildflowers), I heard a large explosion that almost caused me to spill my coffee. As I turned to look out the window, I heard him say: “Looks like we’re havin’ a bit of thunder”. Then the rain started. Within minutes the parking lot was ankle deep in water. We just don’t have storms like this in California.

Obviously, I’m not going to get any miles in today. I did put on all my rain gear and rode into town to explore the old buildings, shops and restaurants. That took all of 12 minutes. As you can see from the photographs, Navasota isn’t a big town.


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6 responses to “Day 22: Navasota, Texas

  1. Brian

    Did you at least see the the “Cop Out” movie starring Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan at Miller’s Theater? If there’s only one theater in town, why would they just have this movie?

    Hope weather clears for you tomorrow!

  2. Cheryl

    My parent’s house is 20 minutes north of Navasota (Highway 30 and Huntsville) (in College Station). (But they’re with me right now.) You’re headed to Austin right now, right? (I’m with my parents and sister right now.) Dori say you have to go to Salt Lick east of Austin, Driftwood, Texas. (FM 1826) In her (and my brother’s opinion) it is the best barbecue in Texas. It should be easy to ride to, but it is bring your own beer so you should stop at a corner store to pick up beer. See

  3. Matt Marquis

    Hey Mike, I miss a few days due to March Madness madness, and I see you are already in Texas! Congratulations!

    In case you are too deep into the Lone Star state to keep up on basketball, Cal plays Duke today in Round 2.

    Keep truckin’ and Go Bears!

  4. Phillip Eck


    Keep riding and writing–your stories from the road bring back a lot of memories from my time in the South, and there are always unexpected treasures along the way that need to be shared.

    I recall one particular ride through a small town in Kansas when I found a furniture store that doubled as an mortuary–I guess some folks want the piano and some folks want the box.

    It would be nice if you could detour up through Colorado, but I’d personally stay further south. Vegas awaits.

  5. Polish Super Hero

    You’re a Dillon for Christ’s Sake, get on your bike and ride. You’re gonna let a little rain stop you? I believe the statement “you’re a Dillon for Christ’s Sake” was yelled by you at Kevin at the start of the Tierra Bella when he said he was bailing on the 100 miles because it was raining…My, My, My how the shoe is on the other foot now. I just hope that Kevin doesn’t see this.
    Enjoy a beer, eat some ribs and get some sleep.
    Party on Garth,

  6. Bert Miller

    Glad you had the chance to come through our fair city of Navasota! Yep, those thunderstorms do come in with a bang here. Hope you had a nice visit and come back soon!

    Bert Miller

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