Day 34: Sanderson, Texas

Elevation gained: 2,135 ft/Miles: 61/Total Miles: 1,564/Total Fast Food: 14

I took this photograph when I awoke before sunrise at the Langtry Four Seasons. All things considered, I had a good sleep. There were various noises in my area, possibly field mice, a skunk or a javelina, but they all disappeared from mind once I put in my earplugs. The only things awake in town besides me this morning were the rooster in the yard next door and a wild turkey in the cactus behind the community center. Both were calling out in full force like they were competing in some kind of early morning fowl throw down. It was quite amusing hearing them volley back and forth.

The ride into Sanderson was hot, long and monotonous. But, for a change there was no wind. There was also very little traffic on this stretch of Hwy 90 and most of it was Border Patrol. At the half way point, I stopped at a rest stop and ate a bit of lunch marveling at the stillness of my surroundings. About ten miles later, I stopped in Dryden for a cold bottle of Coke at the only store along the way. Dryden has a population of ten and I met almost a third of the town in the general store. Given the number of empty and decaying buildings, it once must have been a substantial community. Now, it’s just another dying town.

I arrived in Sanderson at about 3pm and bought some groceries and then ate an enormous dinner at a surprisingly good restaurant called the “Round House”. While clearing my many plates the waitress exclaimed: “Y’all really were hungry!”. I then checked into the Outback Oasis Motel on the recommendation of some riders I met yesterday heading eastbound. It’s a nice place and the owners are very friendly. I sat outside with them and a couple that was visiting from San Antonio and enjoyed the company and the warm Texas evening.


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6 responses to “Day 34: Sanderson, Texas

  1. Fred Krebs

    Happy Easter! Enjoying your posts and pictures–what a story you tell. You have a way with words and a nice eye for photos. They bring back memories of a visit to relatives in Sweetwater, Tx. All the best.

  2. U. Dick

    Hi Mike,
    You mean you didn’t see the Easter Bunny any where along your ride.
    Hope you have a great ride today.

    Big hug,
    U. Dick & A. Pat

  3. Polish Super Hero

    Happy Easter! you should consider turning a little of your water into wine for the celebration. All in all, it sounds like a peaceful, relaxing day both on and off the bike…you almost sound, dare I say it…PERKY!

  4. Pat

    Happy Easter Mike. Enjoying your blog. Hang in there and be safe. Pat

  5. Doug

    Dinner is over, mom threw down another amazing meal complemented by the girls additional dishes. Great time,but something was missing….Ohh the political debate! Had 2 empty chairs and both are missed!

  6. Tim Oliver

    I love your blog Mike. But I have a criticism.

    Your waitress would not have said Ya’ll really were hungry unless you had company. Y’all is a plural much like “yous” in New Jersey.

    So, who were you with?

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