Day 40: Caballo State Park, New Mexico

Elevation gained: 771 ft/Miles 66/Total Miles: 2,010/Total Fast Food: 15

Writing today reminds me of the old joke about how Elizabeth Taylor’s 8th husband felt on their honeymoon night – I know what to do, I’m just not sure how to make it interesting.

The ride today was on Hwy 185 and 187. Las Cruces quickly gave way to nice residential neighborhoods and then pecan orchards – lots of pecan orchards. With the Organ Mountains to the east, the road wove alongside and over the Rio Grande throughout the day. Networks of aqueducts flow from the river and water the orchards and fields in this area. The alfalfa fields provide a sweet scent in the early morning breeze.

Towns in New Mexico have great names: “Alamogordo”, “Ruidoso”, “Mountainair”, “Truth or Consequences” and “Radium Springs”, a small town I rode through this morning. Its name made me want to trade my GPS for a Geiger counter, but it is nothing more than a few trailer homes and some abandoned shops. Hatch, the self-proclaimed “Chile Capital of the World” is bigger and has a few restaurants and grocery stores, as well as, an abundance of places to buy strands of dried chillies. The only other town with a grocery store on this route was Arrey.

Before I left home, I loaded my iPod with several audio books, music and podcasts. I thought I would use it constantly. Instead, I’ve found that I start each day listening to my surroundings and letting long dormant neurons in my brain generate new thoughts, ideas and observations.

Today, however, a big shout out to Mr. Jobs. The route was unvarying and I listened to several hours of podcasts. It made the weariness of my legs a bit less noticeable.


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4 responses to “Day 40: Caballo State Park, New Mexico

  1. Polish Super Hero

    You cracked the 2000 mile mark. Nice work! Almost home.

  2. Gkissiah

    Glad you made it to new Mexico and all is going well please eat an extra platemof enchiladas when you get farther north the highway up the rio grande valley to Albuquerque is magical. We are in Berlin now. Digging the cool Bauhaus architecture everywhere and good food and beer today east Berlin and then off to Istanbul tomorrow.
    More foam the road later.

  3. Fred Krebs

    Like the picture with the chiles, which are a big deal in New Mexico. When my brother moved to Albuquerque (he is athletic director at UNM) of the first questions they asked: “do you like them ‘red’ or ‘green’?”

  4. Los Gatos House Wife

    Mr. Dillon,
    You are my hero. Come home soon.

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