Day 42: Silver City, New Mexico

No blog today. Mike is exhausted and sleeping in late. I assure you, it has nothing to do with the numerous prickly pear margaritas he imbibed last night. In his absence, please enjoy these photos of Silver City.


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9 responses to “Day 42: Silver City, New Mexico

  1. Doug

    Great to hear you are taking a well deserved rest.

  2. Connie Mattix

    Dear Mike,
    I am a friend of Judy and Raleigh. They are sharing your blog and I am enjoying it trmendously. What an ambitious adventure you have undertaken. I did recognize comments on Austin as my grandson just graduated from UT (GO HORNS) Hope the rest of your trip goes well…………………..Connie

  3. Norma and Leo

    Mike: Sure enjoying all the posts. What an exciting
    adventure. Definitely wearing out the worry beads, however!! You could write a very interesting book
    about the real America after this.
    Thanks so much for allowing us to be a part of the
    day-to-day journey. We love it.
    N & L

  4. Jenny Fire

    Mike-I’m a friend of the Avras and LaNae recommended your blog. I’ve been enjoying all your posts and cycling vicariously through them (while it continues raining in the Bay Area). Great job!

  5. Pat Dillon

    Mike – you earned this break! New Mexico looks beautiful. The margaritas sound good too. Be safe. Pat

  6. Linda Ferrara

    Mike, You are now in Margaritaville! Welcome! Enjoy your stay in our fair little Silver City! I hope you get to check out some of the area!

  7. Jeff

    Hope you enjoy your day of rest (recovery?) from one of the hazards of the road life!


  8. Polish Super Hero

    Today is a day I could not only ride with you but keep up. Margaritas! you make me so proud.

  9. Lin Lee

    After such a long ride on day 42, you deserve the break! Enjoy!

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