Day 45: Safford, Arizona

Day 46: Safford, Arizona

Elevation gained: 85 ft/Miles 19/Total Miles: 2,229/Total Fast Food: 17

You’ve got to love serendipity. This morning, I packed and left the hotel ready to ride the 70 miles to Globe, Arizona. On my way out of town, I stopped at a local diner for breakfast. While I was devastating my meal of three pancakes, two eggs, three pieces of bacon, three pieces of sausage, hash browns and coffee (I’m ravenous these days given the calories I’m burning), I received a text from Don who has been riding a few days behind me. He indicated he was thinking of staying the evening at a place near Safford called “Essence of Tranquility”.

I did a quick bit a research using my phone and found the place, which was only about 10 miles away. I need to be Phoenix by the 19th. A good friend of mine, whom I like to refer to as “Johnny Drama” because of his likeness to this character from Entourage, is meeting me there on that date. Drama has purchased a Bob trailer and is going to use it and his mountain bike to ride with me from Phoenix to Palm Springs. My problem is that at my current rate, I will be in Phoenix two to three days too early.

So, rather than a big ride today, I decided to make a detour and spend the day at Essence of Tranquility. It’s difficult to describe this place – think 1968, crystals, incense, aromatherapy and Bohemian – and you get an idea. The grounds surround five small pools fed by natural hot springs. They offer touch therapy, massage and something called ear coning. (I’m too frightened to ask what the latter is, but I suspect it played a key part in the Star Trek movie “Wrath of Khan”.) There is also a large communal kitchen and living room with T.V. and Wifi. Best of all, camping here is only $15.

I ended up spending the day like this: Soak in hot springs. Read book. Nap in shade. Repeat.

Tomorrow, I’ll hit the road again. Really, I promise.


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10 responses to “Day 45: Safford, Arizona

  1. david reid

    This is my first peak at the blog and I like the way this particular day shaped up. I coulda done it! How will you go from Globe to Phoenix? On that side road that heads NW outta there and goes by that reservoir? Also the Salt River N. of globe could offer some nice camping…(that’d be a different route, prolly not toward Phoenix though) What an adventure you are on! I am awed.

  2. Karen Delgado

    Ear Coning is the BEST! You should try it just for the experience…

  3. U. Dick

    You should have done the Ear Coning, I mean when will you be back at the “Essence of Tranquility”.
    What a story it would make when you have a grandchild on each knee and you say children let grandfather tell you the story of when I had “Ear Coning” back in 2010.

    Big hug,
    U. Dick

  4. I’ll bet Arcosante (a/k/a Arco-macrame) isn’t far away from this place.

  5. Julie

    Sounds like a well-deserved rest day to me! I love reading about your journey – the sights you see and the people you meet. On those uphill, headwind days, remember to listen to Bruce for inspiration! Safe biking and may the wind be at your back (or at least nonexistent since you are riding East to West)!

  6. Polish Super Hero

    If you would have told me you would spent days like this I would have signed up for the trip! Please treat yourself to at least a 2 hour massage. I’m glad you have a relaxing day but I don’t want to hear you have a day like this for quite some time…I get so much enjoyment out of the torturous(sp?) day to day activities you endure. Are there any tornados or wind storms predicted that you might be riding into? I am currently relaxing for the week…skiing, eating, drinking, hot tubbing…I envy you and your determination.
    You Go Girl!

  7. Cousin Deb

    Everyone needs a little R & R. No one deserves it more than you! Give those muscles a good massage and you’ll be ready for the next ride!

    Love ya!

  8. John Dillon

    Mike goggle ear coning. Very interesting, you stick a candle into your inner ear and light it. I am sure that hot candle wax is very motivating. Something akin to that African bug that gets in your ear and eats it way through the brain. Pop

  9. Virginia W

    I’m hoping the Essence of Tranquility includes mountains of chocolate somewhere. After all, how can you have tranquility without chocolate? ;o)

  10. k

    Too funny. Johnny Drama. Knowing who you are talking about I fell on the floor. Good one. From hear out he will be known as JD!

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