Days 49 and 50: Paradise Valley, Arizona

Mike is enjoying a couple of days off in the Valley of the Sun.


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6 responses to “Days 49 and 50: Paradise Valley, Arizona

  1. Doug

    800 miles to go! Look forward to seeing you in 10-15 days. D

  2. Pat Dillon

    I hope you enjoy the time off the road. I have really enjoyed your blog. Feel like I am right there with you, except by calves/thighs don’t ache, my butt isn’t sore, and I don’t stink (at least not as bad as you). Other than that, seems like I’m right there with you.
    Be safe,

  3. Polish Super Hero

    A couple of days off!!! Come on. What are we all supposed to do with our daily lives without Mike’s Blog. I little more consideration on your next lay over please.
    BTW, WCC is one gnarly rider. She is so strong, really put the hurt on me on Coe the other day…but in a kind, caring way! Then dropped me like a rock never to be seen again……

  4. Norma and Leo

    Love that area. So glad you are spending time with your
    friends there. We visited them about ten years ago when
    we were in the area. Especially loved Sedona. Natives
    told me “God made the Grand Canyon, but He lives in Sedona.”
    Enjoy the rest and have a safe trip the rest of the way.
    Leo and Norma

  5. Donald Frazier

    Hi Mike —

    You have inspired me to attempt such a journey, my first in many years. Please consider a postscript on how you chose the route, the equipment you used, and the trade-offs informing your choices. (For example, I’m intensely curious as to how one can get decent sleep outdoors as you did.)

    Again, many thanks for providing such a richly detailed vicarious adventure.

    Donald F.

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