Day 56: Yucca Valley, California

Elevation gained: — ft/Miles —/Total Miles: 2,758/Total Fast Food: 19

Your haiku update:

Feeling sick today.

Knew the taco tasted strange.

Grounded in Yucca.


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6 responses to “Day 56: Yucca Valley, California

  1. Julie

    Hope you’re feeling better and back on the bike soon.

  2. Polish Super Hero

    Yackin’ Tacos in Yucca…Doesn’t sound pleasant. I do believe you can fix this problem with my suggested prescription of “Cactus Extract”. Hope you feel better soon.

  3. karp

    Sorry to hear that you are feeling bad. Good job guiding Jeff through the desert and avoiding the scorpions. $1 bet says that your next trip through the desert you are bringing red cellophane…
    If you listen real close you can hear the Pacific Ocean calling you..Take care and ride safe.

  4. Jeff

    Yuk! Hope you feel better soon. Drink a ton of water if you can hold it down, you’ll bounce right back. And take an extra day if you’re still not quite right. Won’t get too far otherwise. Hang in there.

  5. Raptor

    You are the only one keeping score. After 2,758 miles in 58 days you can take time to recover. If it comes down to taking it slow and increasing the enjoyment of being back in Cali, the choice should be simple.

  6. day 57 in yucca valley,you ate at wrong taco place,omg,Algobertos is the best…
    get out the chewable pepto bismal,can’t go wrong,chew two….then wait3-4hrs…..and 2more but you should be good to go by then………your tongue looks like licorice and so does you p_ _p,but you’ll be right as rain.

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