The Numbers.

Total miles traveled: 3,408

Total feet climbed: 86,488 (Or, if you prefer, the equivalent of three Mt. Everests or 11,532 Yao Mings.)

Total days: 69

Total days riding: 58

Average miles per riding day: 59

Number of states: 8

Day across Texas: 16

Tubes of “Butt Butter” used: 2 (along with 1 of Desitin)

Flat tires: 2

Clothing replaced: 2 pairs of socks, 2 pairs of gloves.

Equipment replaced:
– 2 tires (I think they would have made the entire trip, but out of an abundance of caution, I sent them home from Austin, Texas and replaced them with a new pair)
– 1 pair brake pads (back and front wheels)

Days without cell coverage (AT&T): 4

Weight lost: 23 lbs

Gallons of sweet tea consumed: I’m not sure, but I haven’t slept in a month.


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26 responses to “The Numbers.

  1. Siong Koon

    Well done!
    You might want to add the number of photos you have taken and the entries you have logged.
    Siong Koon

  2. Kris Rapazzini

    i cried along with Emily when I saw you riding up Highland. Thank you for sharing your journey. It has been quite an experience to be “along for the ride.” Your words of wisdom have given me much food for thought. Thank you, Mike. I am proud to know you.

    PS I still like the super realistic snake wrangling picture the best!

  3. Jerry

    Mike – I never met you when I worked at Sun but reading your blog over these many days gives me the sense of who you are as a person. Amazing and inspiring read. Being able to see just a layer of what was going on in your head as you persevered was fascinating. I realy looked forward to reading about your adventure each morning. Thank you very much.

  4. Jerome Julius

    I have been following your ride from sometime before day 30.
    (Via a link off of James Gosling’s blog)
    While I am not a bike rider I hope to someday be able to
    go out and explore America as you have. I am somewhat a photographer and have also enjoyed the accompanying photos.
    From the properties of the photos it looks like you may be
    using a micro 4/3 camera. Maybe a Lumix or Olympus ?

    I hope you can ease back into your re-entry and Good Luck.

  5. John Augustine

    I have enjoyed the ride, have followed your ride from the beginning, good job.
    Take care
    John Augustine

  6. Pat

    Way to go Mike! What an amazing accomplishment. Glad you are home safe and sound. I will miss following you journey on the blog but am thankful you shared it with all of us. Take care. Pat

  7. Andy Coussins


    Well done … fantastic achievement !! Thank you for sharing your blog … really enjoyed reading about your trip.

    Best wishes for the next adventure !


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  9. Mike as a few have remarked I know you not but thank you for sharing your adventure. One of these day I too hope to do a trip only from San Francisco to jacksonville. It’ll be a home to old home type ride. It people like you that inspire people like me to do such things. I was totally captivated by your writing style and by your whole ride experience. Again thanks for letting others know what you’ve done. Now onto bigger and better things? Good luck on that too.

    Richard Greene

  10. Doug

    As I am walking home from taking the kids to school this am, I am thinking of how it sucks not to be able to have a cup of coffee and read your blog adventure for the day. Then I look and you have posted another one! “You had me at hello”. Keep the blog going and tell us what it is like to adjust back into society.

  11. Jeff

    Congratulations Mike, you are the MAN! Those stats are amazing, and absurd. 86k feet of climbing, wow…16 days across TX – ughh. But only 2 flat tires?! Lucky man, especially when you have all that gear strapped on the bike.

    Glad you made it home in one piece, and thanks a lot for keeping the blog. Can’t wait to read of what’s next for you.

  12. Dave

    Congratulations and welcome home. I like the others said before me will be saddened not to be able to follow your daily blog across the country. What an amazing adventure. Best wishes on your acclimation.



    Congratulations and really enjoyed the blog/photos. I will see you guys when I return from school.

    -Jordan L. (THA Zeek)

  14. Dana L.

    Congratulations and welcome home! I have thoroughly enjoyed your posts about this amazing experience, thank you for sharing. You are truly inspiring.


  15. eliazar

    Congratulations and thank you for your writing. I only hope I can muster the will to do something so courageous and fulfilling someday.


  16. Andrew

    It’s been a lot of fun riding along with you. You’ve definitely inspired me to try something similar one day!

  17. Alison Berridge

    Just to say thank you for this blog Mike – someone (I now can’t remember who) sent it to the A&O team about half way through and I have enjoyed it ever since. Good luck with the next adventures too, Alison.

  18. Reah

    Congratulations Mike! I’m sorry that I have not read your blog each day. I cwertainly enjoyed the days that I did read. Too bad that you didn’t hit Tucson; I would have loved seeing you. I’ll bet that your bottom is really sore.

    Now, you must write a book abouit your adventures, or have you been doing that all along?

    I hope to see you and your family sometime soon.

  19. Ray & Marilyn

    Welcome home Mike! I could certainly identify with you crossing into CA. Long, long ago, as we returned to CA from our “adventures” in the West, my father would lead us in a rousing “Californina here we come…!”

    We (like everyone else) will miss keeping pace with you and your adventures.
    Thank you for taking us along.
    Ray and Marilyn

  20. Ray

    Yesterday I found your blog and read about your entire trip. Congratulations on completing such a monumental undertaking. I am saddened, however, that you haven’t written anything since. How has this experience impacted your life? What have you done since returning? How did it feel to be home again in the arms of W.C.C.? Do you still go for bike rides?
    While reading this, I starting planning my cross country trip. I am looking at taking a northern route from Portland to DC. It has been something I have always wanted to do and my wife, although she says she’ll miss me, is being very encouraging. Your inspirational experience has given me extra confidence in working toward that goal.
    Thank You for writing this and sharing your experiences.

  21. Michelle Dennedy

    Welcome home Mike! I’ve flown over your head many many times & now it’s more than time for me to blow the dust off my bike & get out on the road again.

    I’ll have to check in with my HCC to see if he’s up for 2 months with the kids. Maybe the 29 pounds stat will persuade him.

    Hope you are well. Would love to catch up one day.

    Best to WCC & your family,


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  23. Grateful


    It’s July 17th now and I have just finished reading every word of your tour journal, (can’t remember how I discovered it).

    I’ve read a lot of cycling journals and yours is one of the better ones. Thanks for sharing: Very interesting insights. I have thoroughly enjoyed traveling with you, vicariously, for a couple of months.

    I would be most interested in your impressions of the Bruce Gordon Rock & Road.

    Best of luck to you in the future. If you do this again I hope I find your journal and travel with you once more.

    My respects,
    Grateful G.

  24. Dave Atkinson

    Hi Mike,Dave Atkinson here writing from U.K.Did Lands End to John O’Groats in U.K.last month(only 900 miles!!)Fantastic journey!So good that next March coming to do across U.S.Southern Tier with 1 pal who is biking with me and 1 pal who has kindly offered to support us in campervan for whole of journey.Busy researching everything just now,so exciting can’t think of anything else!Asking loads of questions just now,would love any advice or tips i.e.are roads good enough all way across for road bike?Is ACA route the best right the way across or would you recommend any alterations?Any do’s or don’ts?Would love to hear from you and a massive well done,regards Dave Atkinson in Yorkshire.P.S.Have you cycled in U.K.?

  25. Ray

    Hi Mike,

    Haven’t seen any updates from you. Curious, did you continue biking?

    How do you feel physically? And any life style adjustments/change after the trip? I am sure you learn much from this trip.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Ray Liu

  26. Theresa Agee


    So glad to see you’re putting your law degree to good use! Great story, very inspiring. Glad you are well and happy and decided to embark on a journey that I’m sure changed your life (and probably your perspective on it as well).

    Take care!

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