Writing again.

A few weeks ago my daughter and I played hooky and went to New Orleans for a weekend of beignets and Jazz Fest. (For those of you who haven’t been, two words: “Trombone Shorty”). It was to be a quick visit – only three days. As a result, I had planned our visit with the precision of the Normandy Invasion.  Our airline, however, didn’t share my priorities and when we arrived in Houston at 11:30 pm we had missed our connecting flight.  Worse yet, the next flight we could book would not arrive in New Orleans until the following evening.

As I tried to control my blood pressure by going to “my happy place” while looking for late night lodgings, my daughter approached me and said: “Let’s drive.”

 And, that’s what we did.

 We rented a car and drove I-10 through the warm, humid southern night, past the refineries of Houston, through Eastern Texas and into the bayous of Louisiana. For seven hours we motored through the darkness just talking. A father and his daughter.  Near Lake Charles, I introduced her to the characters you only meet at  2 am over breakfast at The Waffle House. In a run down “Tiger” gas station near Grosse Tete we pumped gas and watched a caged  Bengal tiger pace it’s cage in the darkness, 30 feet away. As we drove, we passed exit signs to places like De Ridder and Opelousas – towns I had passed through two years earlier during a long bike ride.

 And somewhere along the way, I decided that I felt like writing again.


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17 responses to “Writing again.

  1. Joan Pinder

    So great to have you back writing again Mike; I so enjoy your posts!

  2. Ken Azebu

    I’m glad to read what you have to say. You have a style that draws pictures in the mind and engages the readers until the last word.
    And it sounds like it was a good trip with memories that will last a lifetime . . .priceless!
    Oh, and for an easier show, last Year’s San Jose Jazz Festival had. . .Trombone Shorty and bunch of other Jazz legends LOL!

  3. Kris Rapazzini

    Looking forward to reading your book. Someday. In the meantime, thanks for the blog!

  4. Connie

    We are sooo happy to have you back! We’ve missed the daily inspiration and the crazy stories. It is a reminder of how life can be lived – with zest and passion and spontaneity. Thank you.

    Your first book is complete – you just need an editor to put the, “Ride Across American” into chapters. It looks like we’re all fortunate to participate in the creation of what is now going to be your second book.

  5. Uncle Dick

    Mike, I knew this was going to be a great day when I woke up this morning. Now I know why,Mike is writting again and the world is right.

  6. Judy Enslen

    I happy to read your writings. Send us more.

  7. Johnny "Drama"

    Welcome back Mike. Your “Road Trip” is our vicarious pleasure.

  8. Carolyn Randall

    What a gifted writer you are Mike. And those moments you spend with your kids, and the written reflections later, they are precious memories which will feed both you and her many times (and those of us fortunate enough to read about them).

  9. Karen Delgado

    Love that you are writing again. I so enjoy your blogs. Hope all is well.

  10. Terry Schmid

    Very glad you’re writing again.

  11. Lisa Blos-Johnson

    What a little treat today to open your emails (OK- a bit behind on my mail) and see your posts.
    Great to hear from you again and it was great to see your brother the other day at Xer

  12. Good to read your words again Mike. Looking forward to more.

  13. Jonathan Schwartz

    Congratulations! Glad to see you’re recovered your muse!

    Now wait… is this a personal blog, or a corporate blog? So hard to tell.

  14. Glad to see you are writing again. I read your blog every day on your bike ride across America. It felt like reading another chapter of a great book each day, and I was sad when it ended. It really ought to be a book.

  15. Mike Dillon

    You are an excellent wariter….;.

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