Think my wheel is rubbing.

Not sure why.

Two miles into a 100  mile ride. Rear-ended by another rider.

Time for a Lagunitas. Maybe two.


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6 responses to “Think my wheel is rubbing.

  1. Connie

    Rear ended on a bike?….Really?! How does that happen? Ugh.

  2. What was he riding — a Harley?

  3. Uncle Dick

    I am thinking a six pack and a Big Rear Bumper

  4. Ken Blaedel

    Hi Mike, Before you have those bottles of Lagunitas, see the last paragraph of “Day 7” at this link: . To paraphrase, the roads and accomodation for bicycles just north of Lagunitas are so bad, I have changed my “go-to” IPA from Lagunitas to Racer 5 in protest.

    • Congratulations, Ken. Nice ride. Enjoyed your blog. Must have been inspirational seeing the TOC riders after a long day in the saddle.

      P.S. I’m always happy to down a “Racer” as well!

  5. Brian

    that’s the bike … how’s the body?

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