The Spread

I decided to try to make a daily bicycle ride part of my life this year thinking that it would help me to drop a bit of weight. In the winter, I’d slap on a head lamp and go out in the dark for an hour or two after work; on weekends, a longer ride. Recently, I finished my 110th ride of the year. During that time, I’ve covered more than 2,200 miles and climbed 190,000 feet.

And, I’ve lost exactly two pounds.

At this rate, I only need to pedal an additional 18,000 miles to get down to my target weight for the year.  Clearly, I’m doing something wrong.

I’m going to have another Lagunitas and think about it.


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4 responses to “The Spread

  1. Ken Blaedel

    Hi Mike,
    At least you lost some weight. I just completed a 2.5-week ride of the coast of CA and the scales indicated I gained one pound. See the last entry, “Postscript,” items #2 and #13 at the link:
    I had what I thought was a low number on the Fast Food Index, so I also am not sure why I did not lose any weight on the ride. If you determine why, tell me. Or, better yet, bottle and sell it..
    Also, if you are drinking Lagunitas IPA, I suggest you switch to Racer 5 for the reason stated in the last paragraph of “Day 7.”
    Keep riding and writing.

  2. Good luck! Did this after gaining 30 pounds in the aftermath of ankle replacement surgery, and lost it all in about three months. Hint: find the hottest time of the day and burn like crazy, going thru as much water as you can process.

  3. Uncle Dick

    Mike, I lost 5 pounds just reading your Blog.

  4. Terry Schmid

    Consider what you’d weigh without the riding. Keep riding. But, not on Kennedy Rd. All the bikers are really starting to bother me.

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