The real reason my hair is going gray…

I caught up with a friend recently whom I hadn’t seen for years. He gave me grief about how my hair was going gray – the normal crap you get from good friends. Somewhat defensively, I suggested that my change in hair color was related to the stress of my career and a soul sucking, tramatizing daily commute.

But, here’s the real reason.

It’s a Sunday and I see my son getting out of bed.

Me: “Hey son, good ‘morning’.” (Said with just a touch of fatherly sarcasm as it’s after 1pm)

Son: “Mumble, mumble, mumble.”

Me: “You were out late last night.”

Son: “Yeah, I was out with some buddies. We got into a drifting competition with some rice rockets from San Jose.”

Me: (Trying to keep from exploding) “What? Where was this?”

Son: “In a big empty parking by the airport. ”

Me: “Was this in our car? Were you driving?”

Son: “What? No way, I don’t want to trash it! We drove my friend’s parent’s mini van.”

Pause while I digest this…

Me: “Wait, isn’t that front wheel drive? How can you drift a front wheel drive car?”

Son: “Cafeteria trays.”

Me: “Excuse me?”

Son: “Cafeteria trays. You get a couple from school, put them under your rear wheels, set the emergency brake and then let it sliddddddde.”

Me (under my breath as I walk away shaking my head): “Good God. What did I do wrong in a former life…”


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8 responses to “The real reason my hair is going gray…

  1. Johnny "Drama"

    I’m thinkin’ this be payback…

  2. John Dillon

    You abused your father with similar hair raising escapades, except for your antics he would have a full set of silver hair vs. near baldness!

  3. Great story Mike.
    What I like best is that your son just told you what he did. That is a real nice relationship you have there.

  4. Terry

    +1 your dad’s comment!

  5. Aileen

    Heaven help me! I read that out loud in front of my 19 year old! Geez what was I THINKING!

  6. As the parent of 4 teenagers who are itching to start driving, this story is definitely food for thought. And indigestion is sure to follow. :o)

  7. Jan Schultheiss

    Trying to figure out how that works, with thos trays … 😉

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