Since 2010, I’ve been working for a small, privately held company located in Redwood City named “Silver Spring Networks”.  I was drawn to the company because of its compelling use of networking technology to address one of mankind’s greatest challenges – making energy utilization more efficient. These are the folks behind what are now known as “smart meters” and the “smart grid.” And this is a company that clearly punches above its weight. With only about 650 employees, Silver Spring has already successfully deployed over 12 million networked endpoints (or meters) around the globe.

For me, the last two years have been a wonderful ride as I learned about the complexity of the global energy market and supported Silver Spring’s growth and new product releases. And, along the way, I met some truly brilliant people and made some very good friends.

But, a few months ago, I received a call from a very persuasive recruiter about a role at Adobe Systems located in San Jose.  Adobe is one of Silicon Valley’s legendary companies with a history of  strong innovation, spawning products like Postscript, PDF, Flash, Photoshop, Acrobat, Adobe Creative Suite, Adobe Digital Marketing Suite, and many, many, others.  It’s a global company with over 10,000 employees and a strong corporate culture and values. As I went through the interview process, I found the opportunity too compelling to resist.

So, yesterday was my last day at Silver Spring. When I arrived home my daughter could see it had been a tough one. She asked me how it went and I shared with her how I was feeling. She then asked if Adobe had announced my new role and I explained that the company had issued a press release that afternoon.  As we were talking I could see her doing an internet search until she located the release online. As she silently read it, I supposed she would be proud of her father and say something complementary.

She finished reading, looked up from her laptop and said:

“You know the part where they describe you as an ‘industry veteran'”?

“Yes, I saw that.”

“That means you’re old.”

Which sums up nicely why it is easy to stay grounded in the Dillon household.


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17 responses to “Transitions

  1. sharon

    Congratulations. Mostly on the new gig. Less so on being old.

  2. Connie Brenton

    Too funny.

  3. Raptor

    An ex-enlistee in the military is a veteran after 3 years. What’s the magic number in IT?

  4. Jan Schultheiss

    Congratulations with your new role, Mike. Adobe is lucky to have been able to recruit someone with your experience and personality. And people of our age are not old. Definitely not … 🙂

  5. Congratulations and good luck. I see you as experienced and thoughtful as opposed to old…

  6. U. Dick

    Mike, we are so very,very,very proud of you, way to go Big Guy.
    Just remember it’s the job of females to keep males grounded and they are very good at it.

    Big hug

  7. Gerry

    Now that your commute has improved greatly, maybe you can ride your bike to work everyday!!! Congratulations and remember a new adventure at our advanced age always slows the aging process. Rock on, old man!!!!

  8. Geri Stickley Layne

    Congrats Mike! And, I thought it was ONI that made us all old? You should be getting younger now.

  9. carolyn randall

    that was cute Mike, but you are YOUNG and only those older than you cold say that. Congratulations on the new position.

  10. Karen Delgado

    Congratulations, Mike! Adobe is lucky to have you. If you ever need an EA, let me know…

  11. congrats and best wishes!

  12. Dad needs an entire upgrade to his Adobe suite.

  13. Siong Koon

    Congrats on your new role! Good to know that you have kept your sense of humour! Do give me a call or drop me an email if you come to my part of the globe!

  14. Brian Moriarty

    Congratulations Mike! You’re as old as you feel … unless you’re a “veteran” then I guess you truly are old 🙂

  15. Raptor

    2 weeks, no blog. New job is not on list. WTH (genteel acronym)!? Maybe, just maybe, the ghost is unavailable?

  16. Congrats, Mike. Not too old to join another old person in the Alcatraz swim one day … Hope to see you in Australia soon.

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