Five Things From: September

1. For anyone who enjoys the heft of a book, the crack of the binding, the smell of the pages and the sound as they are turned, this is very, very depressing.

2. In the category of “silver linings“.

3. On the other hand

4. For all you geeks who enjoy the October Classic. (Go A’s!)

5. In two years this man will be eligible for social security. Yet, he performs with the energy and abandon of someone still looking forward to the day that he can take his first legal drink. Happy Birthday, Bruce.


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3 responses to “Five Things From: September

  1. Polish Super Hero

    I remember when Lincecum could pitch like that…

  2. U. Dick

    Phone books are disappearing also, starting tomorrow I am going to start stocking up on beer you can’t be to safe.

  3. I might miss the crack of the spine and crispness of the pages, but I DON’T miss the hundreds of books accumulating in my house. (Although I think the silverfish might…) I was an early adopter of e-books and a huge fan. In return for less clutter in my house, I spend more than ever on my personal e-library – kinda like tithing the Church of Writers….

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