Think Pink.

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Like many, we have had family and close friends who have been affected by this disease. Whenever this month rolls around I reflect on what they and their loved ones have faced.  Thinking about it recently called to mind a conversation I had with my son a few years ago.

I was sitting at the dining table reading the newspaper after a day at work. My then 13 year old son, who is on the local crew team, plopped down next to me, obviously excited.

“Dad, look at all this pink stuff I bought to wear to crew. This is a pink t-shirt, these are pink socks and this is a pair of pink rowing tights. I also bought these pink beaded necklaces. Oh, and this is the coolest – pink sunglasses!”

“You must be very confident in your manhood to show up for crew wearing all pink.”

“Well, everyone is going to do it. We are having a contest to raise money for the Breast Cancer Society. The person who wears the most pink wins a prize!”

“Son, that’s very considerate of you. I’m proud.”

“Well it’s a really good cause.”

Then a few second pause.

“Plus, Dad…”


“I really love boobies.”

If you are in a giving mood this month, please think pink.


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2 responses to “Think Pink.

  1. U. Dick

    Give “Deck” a big hug, a real guy.
    I keep hoping tomorrow they will find the cure.

  2. eileen

    Gotta love you two, and we do! Thanks for the reminder to support an extremely important cause.

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