Great Success!

For the past four years, I’ve been working toward my next career – as an apiarist. I started because as a gardener, I was concerned about CCD and I thought it would be interesting to learn about producing honey. But, it’s been four years with little to show.   The bees just didn’t want to cooperate. I tried checking the hive weekly; feeding the bees with sugar water and even moving the hive to different locations. Nothing worked.

The first year, the queen died and the hive swarmed. The second year, the hive again departed this time to take up residence in between the walls of the treehouse I had built for the kids. For some reason, the children didn’t think that bees were suitable pets and I was forced to demolish the treehouse and, unfortunately, the bees.  The third year, the bees again split. I still have no idea why.

This year, after multiple pilgrimages to our local guru of beekeeping I decided to double down and I started a second hive.  Instead of working with the bees, I just left them alone. To my surprise, it worked. I checked the supers (the box on the top of the hive that holds the combs) a few weeks ago and they were almost full of honey.

Last week I harvested by removing the combs from the hive and using a heated knife to uncap them. Then I spun the frames holding the combs in a hand cranked centrifuge. The result? A gallon of liquid gold.

(My son even made a label to commemorate another recent success.)


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8 responses to “Great Success!

  1. Brenton

    Congratulations! I also see you passed your sense of humor on to your son. Too funny.

  2. gary kissiah

    congratulations on your success; you are truly a renaissance man! i am looking forward to a taste.

  3. Congratulations–you should have included this as one of the key skill sets for success when you spoke to my law school class.

  4. Larry R. Ramsey


    Hope all is best with you and your family, and hope to see you in March at Collegiate Nationals at Stanford.


    Larry R. Ramsey BOWMAN AND BROOKE LLP 879 W. 190th Street, Suite 700 Gardena, CA 90248 Direct: 310.380.6518 Cell: 310.740.1322 Fax: 310.719.1019

  5. Uncle Dick

    Outstanding, some times you just have to sit back and let nature do its thing.
    The label is pretty cool also, now bake up a batch of biscuits and enjoy.

  6. Sachin Mehta


  7. RubyZ

    How does this answer “where is my honey”??!

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