Five Things from: December

1. Listen to Tom Traubert’s Blues. Then you’ll get it.

2. Thirty-five years later, still going.

3. A complete coincidence, but I’ve just switched to tea.

4. On December 14th, I’m in Las Vegas, waiting for a shuttle from the airport. As I read the outpouring of grief on Twitter over the shootings in Newton, I found myself getting choked up and wondering why it is so difficult to have a rational discussion about gun control in this country. As I looked up, this parking shuttle drove by….


5. But there are still stories that give one hope. Here’s another.


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2 responses to “Five Things from: December


    Regarding #3 Mike, I changed many years ago, lot cheaper.
    Happy New Year.

  2. Jeff Osteen

    Loved Caine’s Arcade…thanks for sharing!

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