Five Things from: January

1. “Live Wrong“.

2. By my calculations, this is how I’ve spent 1,970 hours of my life.

3.  As a friend recently said, “this is either a very bad idea or a very good idea“.

4. There’s a reason I don’t like cats. Don’t trust ‘em.

5. Anybody notice that red line?


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4 responses to “Five Things from: January

  1. After following your blog since your mondo x-country road trip, it’s pretty clear there’s a lot stuff going on in your head that people walking by would never guess. Don’t go changin’.

  2. Reblogged this on jerryrcampbell and commented:
    I’ve never met Mike directly but I get a feeling he would be a laugh riot over a beers. Here’s a guy who is very successful yet never fails to appreciate the smallest of life’s ironies.

  3. G Bennett

    Per item #1, told ya.

  4. Raptor

    Q: “Anyone notice the red line?”
    A: Yep, just as they did in 1934!

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