It’s possibly one of your first memorable examples of physics in action.  Usually it occurs in the teenage years. Do you use the straight line trajectory through the interlace of branches or go for the parabolic toss? How do you achieve maximum coverage in the shortest amount of time? Ensure adequate velocity, but not so much as to cause the projectile to separate? With practice you do the underlying complex calculations without conscious thought.

And then technology comes along and makes it so much easier.


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4 responses to “Physics

  1. Name withheld to protect the guilty...I mean, innocent

    2am in the morning, 10 cheerleaders stumbling out of a car filled with toilet paper rolls. Whispering in your outside voice to be quiet so we don’t wake anyone while we are all giggling and fighting over how many rolls to throw. Toilet papering everything in sight -trees, bushes, the inside of all unlocked cars. Screaming and squealing as you run for the car when the neighbor’s porch light suddenly flips on. Circling back to grab the two knuckleheads who ran too slow and were left behind…feeling sorry (well slightly) in the morning when you heard it had rained lightly and the paper turned glue-like in the trees…memories…

  2. U. Dick Dillon

    What next!!

  3. Ah, yes, learning physics in the Everyday Joys of Life – thanks so much for this lift (okay – pun unintended but will leave it) on this lovely, not-raining day in Paris. A man is here from Philly with a Very Basic Bike – very short handlebars, no brakes, one gear, skinny, skinny tires on wheels that have ~1″ of metal reinforcing the circumference. He came here from London by train, rides around where he is, then puts it on the train for the next destination. He rides in Philadelphia also, and THAT scares me!

    With good thoughts for your day,


  4. deconant

    File the patents!!!

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