The people you work with (part I)

This is Lisa.  She’s a senior attorney at Adobe who, from the looks of it, is involved in some serious negotiations.

Those are hummingbird chicks that she is nursing to health in her office. In between calls she feeds them with an eye dropper.


Forget all those stereotypes about attorneys.


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4 responses to “The people you work with (part I)

  1. U. Dick

    Liza is my hero. Is she naming one Dillon?

  2. Polish Super Hero

    Mike – I would forget about the stereotypes but then I look at your Strava…Kind of hard not to judge.

  3. I love it! I know too many attorneys (just “lawyers”, right?!) to believe all of the stereotypical attributes, but I still think “focused” is one of them.

    Hummingbirds. Wow.

    Irene (in Hamburg, Glasgow tomorrow. Not by bike.)

  4. Raptor

    Be VERY careful if (like Mike) she also raises honey bees. Hummingbird tongues in honey are one of those exotic delicacies that get mentioned in accounts of Roman banquets.

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