Five Things From: May

1. Perhaps, now we can start focusing on solutions?

2. Happy 20th WWW. I remember when you were but a child.

3. Ultimately, it really is all about the nail.

4. Ok, now I feel a little bit better.

5. Isaac lives


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2 responses to “Five Things From: May

  1. Don

    Most welcome; thanks!

    One quibble however. I bet the chart on how much we spend on live entertainment (sports, concerts, etc.) is weighted heavily towards the few of us who can afford the increasingly expensive and often wholly unattainable tickets for NFL events and major arena shows.

    Just now Prince played my own smallish city — surely a mighty blow for funk. But the price of 244. each (!!) kept out all but a handful. Everyone I know who attended was either a C-level executive of a good-sized corporation or was wealthy from the acquisition of their company years earlier. It’s largely the same thing for the Super Bowl: the same guys, or people involved in business entertainment on one end or the other.

    Surely a good thing for the people who take part. But at the same time, the capture of live music by a few large corporations has driven the national mid-level, creatively-driven act (Savoy Brown, for example if you’re old enough to remember them) out of the market for all but a few major cities.

  2. psh

    Item 1- follow the money. Mr. Dillon, your getting blog lazy again.

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