The people you work with (part 2)

The Adobe legal department recently got rid of the books in our legal library – after all it is the Digital Age.

While we’ve been planning on how to best utilize the space, a couple of our attorneys came up with their own idea – end of quarter yoga.

Forget all those stereotypes about attorneys.


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2 responses to “The people you work with (part 2)

  1. Way to go, Mike!

    Luckily, there are always a few special folks in (almost) any profession who do not fit the stereotype. Generally, though, those stereotypes come about for a good reason! I do know many attorneys who fit that stereotype, but am happy to say that I also know several who do NOT! Hooray!

    A good antidote (yoga) to the stress of your daily job – sounds like a good place to work. I’m so glad for you.


  2. Dick Dillon

    Now you can return home with a clear mine and get all that work done in the yard.

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