The expressive spirit of humans is something that never ceases to inspire me. I see it everywhere as I travel. Sometimes it takes the form of couples learning to dance on a warm summer evening on a plaza a few meters from the White House.


Sometimes it is hidden underfoot, left by an unknown Brooklyn street artist.


Sometimes it is created for a special audience as in the dozens of knit caps that top the street reflectors along a bicycle trail in Madison, Wisconsin.


Sometimes the expression is embodied in the creativity of architects who have the vision to use an abandoned rail line to lift citizens above the city.


Sometimes the expression is made through a unique medium (and by a former lawyer, no less).


Sometimes it comes not from an individual, but from a community; a community expressing its collective grief (“Boston Strong”).


Sometimes the expression causes us to challenge conventional thinking as in the Banksy street art I saw on a visit to London many years ago. Sometimes it’s an artistic voice that questions government restrictions.
And, sometimes it represents the future.

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