(A Delayed) Five Things From: August

1. If this works, it will save countless lives around the world (and make backpacking a whole lot more enjoyable).

2. This is why it’s called an eco”system“.

 3. My wife and I decided we were “done” after three walks.

4. Blasphmeny!

5. Yep. That’s about right.


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3 responses to “(A Delayed) Five Things From: August

  1. Polish Super Hero

    Blasphmeny…too many crappy micro-breweries making it hard to find a real beer(Coors) in your favorite establishment.

  2. Nancy

    Hooray for Kite ! I write this while trying not to scratch 2 fat mosquito bites on my arm. (I refuse to use Deet.) And, just last night my neighborhood was fogged for the second time in less than 6 months. It’s no joke. Particularly for poor people in Africa and elsewhere who have no protection at all. A super product like Kite is sorely needed around the world.

  3. Dick Dillon

    Mike, I like the KITE, I sure could use it when working in the woods.
    Just so you won’t worry I am holding up my end of Beer Consumption.
    I will try to up it just a little to off set the drop over the past few years.

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