Five Things from: March

1. So cool working for a company that enables digital creativity like this.

2. His best performance ever.

3. Spring is here, which means it’s time for guac!

4. Mowing the lawn at midnight is right around the corner.

5. Tragic that, because of its complexity, one of the most important documents of the last decade will go unread in the face of sound bites from media pundits. Start at page 27.


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3 responses to “Five Things from: March

  1. Wow!, Mike,

    that was a heck of a post. Thank you so much. I forwarded the glow-in-the-dark plant address to Nathan, who is in Zurich on a post-doc in plant biology/genetic engineering. I forwarded the fresh guacamole to him, Ben (other son) and Veronica (N’s S.O.). Too good to not pass on.

    The climate change treatise IS long, and I started on p. 27 per instructions, but the charts are very clear and interesting – who the heck compiled all of that information? Well done, at least the last 3/5 of it!

    I really look forward to reading your posts – never the same twice! (Especially now that you’re not on a cross-country bike ride!)

    In Peace,


  2. Nancy

    Agree with Irene. First 3 – exceptionally creative & entertaining.

    Glowing plants amazing, but starting to worry. What if critters eat them & lose their own camouflage by glowing themselves? How would a country hillside look at night covered with these, where previously there were just twinkling stars overhead?

    As for the Climate Change document, OMG. I knew it was bad, but… well… maybe if I consider page 44 a little more ?

  3. U. Dick

    I am packing for California, I have to do the tank!!!!

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