Five Things from: April

1. “Joy (joi) n. 1. a. Intense and especially ecstatic or exultant happiness.” Visually it looks like this.

2.  I thought Amelie  was fiction?

3. For all my golfing friends who are ready to make the change.

4. For all my cycling friends.

5. Your Meme o’ the Month.


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2 responses to “Five Things from: April

  1. U. Dick

    I really could see you in #3 & #4. You almost got me in the mood for a bike, I am thinking of a three wheel model.
    Big hug,
    U. Dick

  2. Hey Mike! Where is the “like” button for the video of the bike rider who had to pay a $50 fine for not riding in the (often obstructed, trashed, and pot-holed) bike lane?! That was sad, but true. In many places there ARE no bike lanes, and then there are the infamous ones that say “bike lane ends” because “They” need the lane for cars to turn from…

    Here’s to major changes when the golfers take over the streets – they won’t put up with such nonsense.

    Thanks as usual for the good time spent reading your musings.

    Irene, currently in Oban, Scotland

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