This Should Hurt (an update)

Vegas5It’s been nearly two months since the horrific tragedy in Las Vegas. In that short space of time:

Leah Brown * Colwin Henderson * Tremel Dean (Kansas); Crysta Proctor * Connie Carrera * Jose Aguilera * Justin Yates (Arizona); Doug Ferguson *Lisa Cosenza * Robert Bill * Hayley Flores * Joseph McHugh III * Barbara Glisan * Michelle McFayden * Diana Steele * Danny Elliot * (California); Ewell Yona *Giovan Diaz (Georgia); Annabelle Pomeroy * Emily Garcia * Brooke Ward * Joann Ward * Karla Holcombe * Bryan Holcombe *Crystal Holcombe * Marc Holcombe * Noah Holcombe * Emily Hill * Megan Hill * Greg Hill * Richard Rodriquez * Peggy Warden * LuLu White * Haley Krueger * Robert Corrigan * Shani Corrigan * Dennis Johnson, Jr. * Sara Johnson * R. Scott Marshall * Karen Marshall * Tara McNulty * Richard Rodriquez * Theresa Rodriquez * Keith Warden * John Holcombe * Farida Brown * Ryland Ward * David Colbath * Hailey McNulty * James McNulty * Rosa Solis * Kris Workman * Joaquin Ramirez * Debbie Braden * Bob Braden * Zachary Poston * Julie Workman (Texas).

This is only a partial list of the firearm fatalities. Mothers, sisters, fathers, brothers, cousins, uncles, aunts, grandparents…friends. Part of our communities. Each with a story. Each with a potential.

All gone.

And from the President and Congress all we continue to hear are “hearts and prayers, hearts and prayers.”


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2 responses to “This Should Hurt (an update)

  1. Nancy

    These tragedies are more painful than words can convey. I’d like to say something thoughtful and profound, but I am angry and have come to hate the NRA. Long ago it was a highly respected organization that had a mission to educate and promote gun safety. Little trace of that now. More important to have lobbyists crawling all over legislators and politicians to block gun laws. Think how much good the organization could do, but probably never will. Instead they want every US citizen carrying a gun just like a cell phone – any size, any model, with laws that do next to nothing ! (p.s. personally I have known 3 people lost to gun violence – separate incidents, all with legal weapons.) Yes, it hurts. Each of these news stories cuts deeply into the heart.

  2. I am no fan of the NRA, but I respect the right to bear arms. I just want to know where are the responsible controls and regulations that should be in place? Why is someone capable of purchasing multiple firearms with no alarm bells going off? Why is anyone capable of buying a device that convert a weapon into semi or fully automatic?

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