This is cool.

My family likes music. Regretfully, we are genetically predisposed to being spectators rather than participants. My way of saying none of us have any musical talent. As a consequence, rather than musical instruments, we have a hard drive filled with digital music (via iTunes in our case). And, during the summer we like to go to concerts in some of the nice local venues. In the past this meant going to various ticket agencies or ticket offices to determine when a favorite performer would be in our area.

I just discovered something that makes this all much easier. It’s a free application IConcertCal that runs with iTunes. You install it and set the parameters (e.g. performances within 20 miles of home). The application then searches your database of music and provides a concert calendar for when the artists are performing in your area. It also links to where you can purchase tickets.

Sometimes there is too much hype about “convergence”, but this is a great example of where it works.


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  1. critic

    Sir — How do you have the time to wite all of this stuff? And you are advertising your position vis a vis your client — it is what makes people stop and read your blog. How does your blog advance your client’s interest?

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