What I’m bringing.

Warning: If you aren’t a velo gearhead – skip this post.

As mentioned previously, I chose a Bruce Gordon “Rock and Road” as my bike. I like the quality and having a custom frame that fits me correctly given the distance I will be covering. The only changes I made were to replace the “rat traps” with SPD pedals and to swap out the seat for a Brooks B-17 saddle. The Brooks has a completely old school look to it, but for the next few months I’m all function v. form. I think my gluteus maximus will appreciate the comfort of the B-17.

For panniers, I chose the Arkel GT-54s in the back and the GT-18/18BP in the front. I like the way the 18BP will convert into a backpack for when I want to enjoy a hike. I know many favor the Ortlieb, but, damn it, a man needs pockets to store his stuff. The Arkel has many, while the Ortlieb is more in the nature of a large waterproof sack.

For camping gear, I’ll be using a Marmot +0 sleeping bag, Thermarest pad, Outdoor Research bivy sack, Jetboil stove and a minimal amount of cooking gear.

Electronics include a camera, iPod, laptop, cellphone, Garmin 750 and far too many electrical cords.

The remainder is clothes, a few days of freeze dried food, three water bottles, toiletries, maps, books, repair equipment…and at least a small touch of anxiety.


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2 responses to “What I’m bringing.

  1. Sounds like you are ready set to go.

    Silly question from someone who hasn’t done much outdoor activities. Will you be staying in campgrounds and hotels? And do they have electrically outlet to charge all your electronic gears?

    I know some outdoor documentarians when they shoot in remote area, they actually need to bring solar charge to charge their gears up.

  2. Mike, this is a pretty cool challenge. The bike geek stuff is way better than the “lawyer” stuff earlier, just kidding …maybe. knock’em dead on the trip.

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